Welcome Dreamers!

Dear Dreamers!

The beauty of imagination exists #closertoDreamingtheMoon

Welcome to the Safe Zone. This space is reserved to those thinking, reading or hearing about eating disorders, and holding back because those are very scary words.

The use of online media to open oneself and trust information on delicate topics is vastly known as unreliable, dangerous and not beneficial. Couldn’t agree more! Facing fears and sharing feelings online can create masks, and drag anyone far away from the real world. Therefore, this blog will not provide medical information; it doesn’t intend to be an emotional therapy; it will not give personal advise.

However, it will provide objective, neutral and safe information on different help services, for those who would like to stop having nightmares about dinner, and go back to dreaming the Moon.

559532_3832964916855_480692934_nHere you will find everything you still don’t know about free support services for eating disorders available in Cardiff. It’s a way to start thinking about the possibility of might changing little things. Seems we’re talking about baby steps, right?! Well, we know it takes courage. So, the search on Google you never made, because it feels like admitting something; the telephone call you didn’t do, because someone might track the number; the visit you didn’t make, because they might ask your name and address, I did it for you.

Here it comes the first fact: the Cardiff Vale &University Health Board website is a complicated labyrinth of pdfs, links and good intentions, but it will make you bang your head against the wall at the end of the day, and drop your purpose. However, they offer a useful guide in which you can start looking for yourself. No pressure to open it. It does not prescribe duties nor any word of honor. On the contrary, it is reassuring, because it only asks to think if there is something in your eating habits that you would like to live differently. They divide the moment in a Pre-contemplation and a Contemplation phase.

Big relief: things can go wrong. Everyone makes mistake, and no one has done anything wrong enough to bury the head under the sand. It is called Relapse, and it means that after few hours, days or weeks since you have committed to some changes, you might decide to through everything to hell. Freaks out are allowed. However, panic is never a good moment to make decisions. In that case, distractions of any kind work, and going to sleep early is not depression! It means resting and giving the brain some peace and quiet (also a big step).

Next day, things can be picked up when were left off. We will as well next Friday, with what B-EAT can do to get us closer to Dreaming the Moon.

In the meantime, if dreams do not come true once told, that must work for nightmares as well. Leave a comment with your most recurrent nightmare. Letting things out might not leave inside your head! #closertoDreamingtheMoon


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