Peer Support Group 2.0, when it becomes a one-to-one

Hello Dreamers!

This Friday is a follow up of last week’s ideas on what to expect from the Student minds’ peer support groups, and we will deal with how it might go if you’re the only person showing up.

It’s something to think about in order to avoid a rushed decision. The facilitators will assure you that you can do whatever makes you feel more comfortable, coming back the following week is not running away nor being weak; and staying for a chat is not a mountain to climb.

However, it should be a constructive opportunity. So here a couple of points that are worth considering:

  • If talking in front of other students is uncomfortable, having a chat alone with the facilitators (remember, also students!) could be easier;
  • Being the only person there inevitably makes you feel a little on the spot;
  • For those who have gone through counselling, it can recall those meetings; remember that you don’t have professionals in front of you. It won’t be a questions and answers session, no one will teach you right from wrong.
Find your happy moment every day. It can be a cup of tea. #closertoDreamingTheMoon

It’s about how the week is going, what’s giving you a hard time and what’s your zen moment during the day. If you’re struggling to handle assignments, exams, internship or projects the far they go with the advices is making sure that you are aware of the support services the university offers; if you have people you trust to talk to; if you’re taking time to rest and relax. Instead, if it’s the eating disorder that is distracting you and distressing the most, they will cautiously suggest you to consider the help services in Cardiff.

Overall, you can’t really predict what is going to happen. However, as any other one-to-one, it is likely to be a bit more emotional than a regular peer support group. That said, every decision is up to you. Take advantage of the opportunity if you feel up for it, and do not think that being ready will mean not having the famous 60 seconds of crisis. On the contrary, it might mean letting the crisis out, because it’s the most natural and healthy thing to allow to yourself. For those feeling prepared, go for it. On the other hand, this is about honesty and transparency. For those who don’t feel comfortable, there is no point in putting yourself in a distressing situation or a difficult position, so:


Keep a lookout for the next Safe place next Friday #closertoDreamingtheMoon




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